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Diego Forlan: My 24-hour food diary

On match day, the last solid foods should be consumed two hours before kick-off, and the last substantial meal should be eaten four hours before kick-off. How to make a healthy full English breakfast 1PM: Finally, the lean chicken makes it a balanced meal, providing protein which is essential for muscle growth.

Two Week Diet Plans for Footballers

Make sure you eat it with plenty of veg. Many sports people swear by oats in their diet: Building strong leg muscles will help you kick harder and farther. It also has a purging effect — clearing out the rubbish from the system.

For something a little more inspiring, in an interview with the Food Republic website, San Francisco 49ers head of logistics Steve Risser notes that the team chef makes up a meal to represent the culture of the city they're playing in, or cooks up a huge barbecue for home games.

We know that getting this right at half-time can have a big impact on energy levels later in the second half. When you are training intensely, your body depends on good hydration to successfully perform and recover. Drink water regularly throughout the day.

How to Eat Like A Pro Soccer Player

What is a good football diet? Always try to eat something for breakfast, regardless of your appetite. A good rule for a footballer is to eat calories more than your body needs to function normally.

Dinner for a winner Which of these is a good evening meal for a healthy player? We like to make different juices and smoothies which are really convenient in the changing room. Just buy a big tub of yogurt, spoon out a sensible portion and add the berries — easy!

The amino acids in whey protein help in numerous ways: Start off small to implement these changes and make them a regular part of your routine.

How do you eat like a Premier League footballer?

Find a good electrolyte replacement drink to help with this recovery. Nice one! The brown bread will provide carbohydrates, which breaks down into glucose — the preferred fuel for working muscles.

FIFA suggests that elite players consume cereal, pancakes, baked beans and toast or yogurt before a match. I start the day with a plate of pineapple. Again, look to vary the type of egg-based meal you have at breakfast.

Consider upgrading your browser. Fish is an important source of omega Lunch Before we start, if you are involved in a match that takes place around midday, skip this section and continue the guide from the pre-match advice.

Choose Healthy Foods Each meal should come loaded with protein and complex carbohydrates. Pro footballer diet example, if you currently burn 1, calories per day from training and another 2, from normal metabolic processes, you should be consuming a minimum of 2, calories.

I know the food I eat is healthy and good for my body, but I really enjoy everything that I eat. Eating, like exercise, needs to be done on purpose if you want to be serious about your performance on the football field.

Sticking to these dietary guidelines for two weeks should be enough time to help improve your health, energy level and reduce your body fat percentage. This can raise your metabolism and help you burn calories more efficiently.Footballers Diet Plan for Match Day Match day diet plan for a footballer A professional footballer’s diet will be strict throughout the week, as poor nutrition can have an impact on someone’s performance even if this occurred in the days leading up to a game.

To reach the top of their game, professional football players don't just worry about strength, speed and agility -- they focus on eating the right foods, too. At the elite level, diet can make or break your performance. NFL players all have different diets, but there are certain key aspects and.

Two-Week Diet Guidelines. Since there is no official two-week diet plan for footballers, your choice of time-frame may be purely circumstantial or convenient. A good football diet starts first thing in the morning.

And many are guilty of not eating breakfast at all.

Meal Plan for a Pro Football Player

This is a huge mistake for someone who wants to be a serious athlete. Whether you feel hungry or not, breakfast is a vital meal that sets your energy and metabolism for the rest of the day.

Matt Lovell, Tottenham Hotspur and England rugby team nutritionist: Fresh pineapple is an excellent food for a footballer. The important part to eat is the wood core – it’s high in bromelain. · “Lunch and dinner for a footballer tends to involve a good variety of protein and carbohydrates.

What do footballers eat and drink?

We like to offer a selection of proteins to choose from, such as .

Pro footballer diet
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